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1 Tomato, 2 Tomato, 3 Tomato, Floor.

By 86'n It on Apr 29, 2012

We spent this weekend trying to wrangle a small cast-legged child in the backyard while doing landscaping/gardening.

The fence line was starting to look pretty bad so I weeded, turned over all the soil, removed a bunch of soil, put new mulch over newspaper, and relocated some orphaned plants from the front yard.


Marc had to dig out about 3 feet of clay under his vine supports and swap it with good soil from the other side of the yard (which will be a pathway). He said he felt like he was digging his own grave, so we better get some tasty tomatoes!


Then he planted some rosemary in the "rock garden" area. And here is another shot of the cleaned up fence line. I still have to turn the corner into the parking area, and do the area beyond the gate. Ugh.


All of this manual labor was making me feel like I was back in my old childhood, so I took Franca along with me and had her help me clean green beans. She was filthy, but such a good helper!

I thought I had bulked-up arms last year with all the wheelbarrow work, but this year might challenge them!

Hope you had a good and productive weekend too!

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