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Interior Inspiration: 22 Laundry Room Ideas

By Decoholic on Jan 20, 2014

Laundry Room Ideas 21

We spend a significant amount of time in the laundry room doing various things such as scrubbing out stains, pressing clothes and even washing our pets. Having said this, why should we not make this place as pleasant and efficient as possible?

Laundry rooms have evolved from the nearly empty basement rooms we were used to in the past. There are some things you can do in order to greatly enhance your laundry room and lighten your workload. Read on and discover the 10 ways to make the most of your laundry room.

For a start, you can have a spare refrigerator placed in the laundry room. This can come in handy when you are looking to hide away an extra stash of beverages in a place not most people would expect.

In case you are a big fan of sewing, you can set up a sewing station in the laundry so as to ease your workflow. This way, you get to clean the clothes, mend them and iron them all in one place. This will need you to set up additional lighting in order to help you see when you are threading the needle and creating some extra knee space.

You can even have your personal dog washing station right in the laundry room that will have friends and neighbors with a pooch very envious. You can tile the washing station and the floor of the laundry room in order to make the cleaning process much easier.

You can also raise your washer and dryer by making use of a platform. This way, you do not have to bend down and strain your back when taking clothes out of the washer and dryer. This has a seamless look and take the strain out of your washing.

A dip-drying station can also be a useful addition to your laundry room. This is where wet garments can dry off without making a mess. A floor drain ensures that there is no stagnant water below your dip-drying station while a bar at the top provides a place to hang your clothes. This can also double as the dog-washing station with the addition of a hand-held shower by the side.

A floor drain is still a useful addition to have in your laundry room even if you do not have a dip-drying station since it helps to keep the floor dry and clean.

A drawer ironing board may also come in handy in case you are short on space and you still want a built-in board.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to have built-in laundry hampers in order to keep the laundry room tidy without much effort.

Windows treatments are also a useful addition to have for those moments when we rush from the shower to the dryer to grab something clean and some privacy can be helpful.

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Well, with the tips provided, you can now be able to get more utility from your laundry room. What else do you think could be useful for your particular situation? Feel free to leave a comment.

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