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Interior Inspiration: 33 Sun Room Decorating Ideas

By Decoholic on Mar 18, 2014

Sun Room Ideas 36

Who ever said that you need a glorious view to have a nicely decorated sun room? If you like bathing in sunlight while enjoying peace and comfort, you’ll certainly make great use of a sun room. The following are some decorating ideas for the sunniest, most perfect room of the house:1. Plants
If you have no view of the sea or a lush forest, no problem! Let nature enter the room directly by placing tall, green plants to add vibrancy to the space. Hanging terrariums from the ceiling isn’t a bad idea at all, though small palm trees will instantly give your sun room that exotic, tropical feel.

2. Antique furniture
You’ll have an interesting mix of the old with the new when you bring in dark, mahogany wood coffee tables and leather couches. The richness of the nature outdoors (and indoors!) will combine with that of the gold and brown tones of your furniture to create a space inspired by 18th century elegance.

3. Lighting
This is where you’re going to be the most careful: you don’t want to clutter your sun room with light, as the windows do the job for you. Hanging outdoor lamps inside of your sun room will help blend the elements of the outer world into your room. Salon lamps are also a fantastic idea—just don’t clutter the room with lamp stands, as you want to enjoy the openness of the space.

4. Hammocks
Hammocks! It seems like there’s never a good place to put them, no matter how much you wish to use them. Hanging one (or two, but no more!) in your sun room adds to the lounging ambiance you’re going for. To keep things neutral, go with tan or white hammocks rather than loud, colorfully striped ones.

5. Couches
If you had to put one piece of furniture in your sun room, it would be a couch—after spending a pleasant afternoon on a soft one of these, you’ll realize there’s little need to have a proper table or dining chairs here. Pick white or creamy-colored couches that will allow you to sink into a nest of comfort after a long, hard day. Keep lots of pillows on the sofas!

6. Books
In this room of the house, they’ll certainly be more than just decoration! Don’t haul over your entire bookshelf—just keep a few stacked on top of each other on a coffee table to add ambiance, or have a shelf hanging from a wall. Comfortably surrounded by light, nature, company and books, what more do you really need?

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