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5 Tips & Tricks for Accessorizing a Bookshelf

By Crafty Scrappy Happy on Aug 06, 2012

Once again I am busy decorating my new spaces and I thought I would share 5 tips I have come up with for decorating something simple like a bookshelf!

1.) Pick a theme- I picked chic metallic items to pair with vintage dark colored items.  I would not say that you need to go overboard with matching everything however make sure your theme is somewhat present throughout.  For example-I have a shiny metallic candle holder that I think goes well with a brushed gold &.  They are not the same metallics but they fit within my theme.

an eclectic mix tends to “feel right” when it is evenly balanced and within a theme for the entire space.

 2.) Create balance-this makes the shelf feel complete and well accessorized.   Creating balance requires a balance in size, height and color.  The goal is—a similar scale, height, and size of the accessories.  This does not mean that the accessorize have to “match” it means that that you just have to find a proper balance.  I always use books to help achieve a matching height for my accessories that I want to incorporate that are on the smaller size.

3.) Make it meaningful

Yes, I am a complete and total nerd and have included some very special dental books that I treasure into my decor.

A vintage radio reminds me of a nostalgic, simple and meaningful time.

and of course if there is a quote on a book page I will love it!

4.) Make it functional-I like a pretty bookshelf but I also appreciate when it is functional.  In this case I found a vintage (dark colored-which goes with my “theme”) soda crate that can house my magazines and catalogues that a I tend not to be able to part with right away.

5.) Don’t forget ignore the sides-A bookshelf alone can make a statement but I like to create a look that can become a part of the room, and I think this is done by adding decor to the sides of the shelf.  In this case I put some vintage oars on the side of the shelf.  I it makes the shelf feel like it is part of the room.

Do you have any tips and tricks that you use for decorating?

I would love to hear them!


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