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DIY Discovery: Vintage Coke Signs

By 86'n It on Aug 20, 2012

In the process of clearing the junk room, I was faced once again with what to do with our 16 vintage coke signs.


We discovered them during our kitchen demo because they were being used as interior wall sheathing. (see above) After we found them, Marc did some library research discovered our house was built in 1922 by the region's coca-cola rep. (Hence the odd red and white exterior color scheme.)

Marc and I were secretly hoping they were worth millions, but alas, after a pretty through search, I'm mostly confident they are not. Bummer.


A blog reader from Canada has been consistently emailing me for over a year wanting to buy some of the signs.... Well, persistence pays! Four of the best signs are currently on their way to him.

Honestly, I got a little sad packaging them up, but the buyer seems like a really nice guy who will appreciate them more than we could. (And if you sell them for a million bucks Ryan, a pox on your house!)

We already highlighted the best one in the still-not-finished dining room niche. And hey, we still have 11 left. (Although in lesser condition. Any takers?)


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