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A Happy Place

By The House of Bing on Aug 03, 2012

A Happy Place

It is ridiculously hot in Georgia.  Hot like you can feel fire on your arms, hot where it almost feels cool from your sweat evaporating.  Hot.  Hot where it is time to move inside for some decorating and leave the outside projects to the crazy folks with pools and tan skin.  As my last hurrah before heading indoors, I wanted to fix the mess from the $10 / 10 min project

You remember the yellow spray paint that refused to be anything other than nasty green? 

It’s gone.

 I took myself to blue box store, purchased the proper supplies that are guaranteed to last longer than a minute and got to work. 

 I even spent the extra money on a second color so I could have a colorful stripe on my bench, like the inspiration bench from the NLB thrift store.  

Ta Da!

 Look at how bright the bench is!  The orange took an entire quart of paint to get a even bright coat.  At night, it positively glows.  At all times, it beckons to be sat on with a good drink and either a margarita or pink fizz!

Remember what it looked like before?                                    And Now…..





           This project totaled at $45 dollars for the 2 quarts of exterior paint, tape, and spray paint from the first try.  It does not include the paint brush that I left outside while chasing a barking dog and hardened in a mili-second.  I have fond memories of that brush.  Good bye old friend.


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