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10 Lovely Linen Closet Inspirations

By Evolution of Style on Jan 23, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're having a great week andthe temperatures are warmer than your freezer. I would actually be happy with freezer tempsright now, because it is crazy f-f-f-freeezing here! But, cold weather is good for indoor projects, right? I'm still organizing, and today I have a linen closet to share.

But first, let's look at some inspirational linen closets to get you in the organizing mood. Photos of pretty organization ideas always help with that, don't they?


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I think a dreamy built-in linen closet like this would inspire me to stay organized. Especially if all of my linens were on display! I would have togetsome gorgeous sheets and towels for a linencloset like this.


Source: via Alysse on Pinterest

How about this clever closet? Using organizers you'd typically use in thekitchen - brilliant!


Source: via Ana on Pinterest

And who wouldn't love one of these built-in beauties in their bathroom? So much more attractive and functional than the standard issue linen closet, and what a great use of space.


Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

Here is another lovely linen closet - notice how it appears to be aregular closet, complete with bi-fold doors, but the shelving makes it pretty and functional. A great combination when we're talking about closet spaces, don't you think?


Source: via Rachael on Pinterest

These wire baskets are so pretty in this linen closet, don't you think? Especially when paired with the chalkboard labels.


Source: via Deanna on Pinterest

And here is a little exercise in organizational smarts - pull out drawers in the linen closet! Duh! Why didn't I think of that? Solves the problem withtowels and washcloths getting balled up in the back of the closet.


Source: via Molly on Pinterest

A great way to extend yourcloset space is to adda couple of towel racks on the door. For hanging up towels to dry, or storingextra blankets.


Source: via Zorena on Pinterest

And who says you need a closet to store your linens? This is as lovely as anything I've seen, and still serves the same purpose. (And I just can't get enough of those wire baskets!)


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I wish that I could steal some space from my master closet and dedicate it to my linen closet. We have a great space in our master bathroom, but the linen closet falls short. Well, not short - narrow. Where is it written that the standard issue linen closetmust bea narrow rectangle of a space?

Here is my (embarrassingly unorganized) before photo:


But, it has made quite a turnaround, and is proof that even a long, rectangular linen closet doesn't have to be an abomination.


Better, yes? I even added my own labeled tags (courtesy ofpaint chips and my tag shaped hole punch - how's that for resourceful?)





I also added a basket by the shower for towels, so no one has to freeze while jumping out of the shower and grabbing one out of the linen closet. This is especially handy on days like today, when it's -15 degrees outside.


In the design of this home, someone forgot that there should be towel holders or something for the shower, so we added some command hooks that adhere to the tile for hanging wet towels.


And here is a Before and After shot for you:


So, the linen closet is done, and my office/craft closet is done. I'm off toconquer the countless other abominable closets in my home!

Are you trying to get organized in the new year? How's it going?


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