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Project Update: New Home Construction

By HomeCentrl on Jun 22, 2012
Here's where we left off at the end of last week. The foundation was capped off and the SIP's were installed.

We started and built a front porch and I always use Ice and Water Shield wherever there is a chance for water to be. I'll be doing another more detailed post on how I do decks next week.

Building a deck

The pressure treated deck framing and posts.

Pressure treated deck framing

The deck built but not totally finished. We needed to build this so that when the roof trusses came out to the end they had the beam that's on top of the post to sit on and be nailed to.

Porch decking, pressure treated boards

We also installed wall jacks to the side of the building to make it easier to work from. There's a large bolt that goes through the wall and is anchored on the interior with a nut.

Wall jacks for planking and roofing

The start of the truss installation for the roof.

Roof trusses being installed

The roof trusses completely installed and ready for sheathing.

Roof trusses installed on a new home.

These are called Truslocks. They lock and hold the trusses exactly 24" apart, making the trusses secure and spaced properly. They also fold back together to undo them as you apply the sheathing. You can see them in the above photo as two lines . If you don't use these yet, you'll be amazed at how much easier they are to install trusses.

We also were able to sheath the entire roof  and yet still no windows and doors. Vermont has a view tax so this lack of doors and windows will help cut that down some. Just joking but there is a real reason why they aren't installed yet.

New home with roof sheathing applied

We know have a water tight building after finishing the roof with Grace Ice and Water shield so now even before we get the trim and roof on, the house and project won't be effected by rain.

Ice and Water shield covering a new roof

Stay tuned as there is so much more to come!


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