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A New Project Begins

By HomeCentrl on May 23, 2012
The start of a new project in Vermont.

Building site in Vermont

First thing is to strip the topsoil.

Stripping topsoil for later use

The foundation hole gets dug

Foundation hole being dug

There has been a slight complication as we had to dig some additional trenches to put in 4' frost walls.  The reason for that is that certain walls will be almost totally exposed so there needs to be something holding them up that is below where the frost could go. Frost can do incredible damage by lifting and lowering walls in winter and spring so certain precautions have to be taken.  In the winter it will frezze up hard and then in the spring relax as it thaws. Thus movement is not something that you want in a home. Most foundations have many feet of fill covering their sides but in homes where one section will include a section for a walk out basement, that wall is not covered.  As you can see from this other photo this part of the home will  be susceptible to frost unless the wall is supported with a below grade cement wall that extends below where the frost would go.

walk out basement

 Now when those were dug they started filling with water so we had to dig another trench to remove the water and we added stone to the base and compacted it. 

Next we should have a foundation.



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