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Room Makeovers: A 10 Year Old's Parisian Chic Room

By Quirky Cool... on Jan 11, 2014

My ten year old daughter has had a fascination with Paris since she was a toddler. She even has a "Paris fund" a savings account my mom set up for her that she can put money into to go towards her dream of a Paris vacation. My daughter is an extraodinary kid. She's very intelligent and mature for her age. She's my old soul just like her mom. ; ) I wanted to do something special for her since we bought our first home this summer. I told her she could make her room her own and decorate it however she wanted. She wanted a "Paris themed" bedroom of course so we have been accumulating things to make it her own. So far we have one side of her room done. The other side is slowly coming together but I didn't want to share until it was done. For now, I wanted to show you what we have come up with so far. Check it out.........

Sneak Peek...



The white shag carpets I found at Ross for $10 a piece. The bedding is from Target. The set of black/chalk picture art are from Hobby Lobby and I got those years ago in the clearance section but I see they still have them. The picture board and lamp I've had for years. Everything else on the wall is from Hobby Lobby.




This BEAUTIFUL bed was done by my sister and mom. They got it for dirt cheap at an auction and it was an ugly brown. They painted it with a few layers of paint and roughed it up a bit. My sister doodled with marker paint the french words and Eiffel Tower. Tell me this isn't the coolest bed ever? I mean I would have loved to have this as a kid!


Thanks to my sister and mom this bed came out beautifully and fun for a kid!



We are debating on whether to paint the walls. The little side table I'm going to spray black and white but that's another post for a special DIY.




One day we will get this trim painted but until then it's a cute and age appropriate room for a 10 year old with an old soul and good taste. ; )


Oh...Check out this cool little doodle chair my sister did for my daughter. It's adorable and such a great idea!


Hopefully we will get in completely finished by this spring but until then stay tuned!

Peace In Love Always,


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