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A Tree for All Seasons

By Thinking With My Hands on Mar 21, 2012

The Kerry Landman Memorial Tree  was completed yesterday afternoon.

Jordan Mason and Eric Landman both laboured many days on this fantastic project. A number of their walling friends and family were able to come and help out over the month or so it was being built.
The wall is situated at Island Lake Conservation Area on Hurontario Street South and is open to the public seven days a week. 

The Memorial Forest Trail runs trough part of the conservation area and takes you through the 'Dods and McNair Memorial Forest' where the dry stone tree can be seen on the south side at a high point on the trail.
While people have been encouraged to plant trees in memory of loved ones at this special memorial park , Eric got permission from Dods and McNair and the Credit Valley Conservation Authority to build a dry stone wall in memory of his wife Kerry instead. 


Eric used local rounded granite fieldstones from off the site to represent the leaves.
A lot of them had green moss on them. This green patina added to the effect of the stones looking like foliage.


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