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DIY Tales: A Very Special Kind of Gallery Wall

By Quirky Cool... on Jan 17, 2014

I finally got our foyer wall finished up and painted. The trim and staircase are still left undecided on whether to paint them white or stain them a darker tint. As for the decor, well I new after I painted right away what I wanted. Since I started having kids and they started making such cute and quirky pieces of art I wanted to display them. I thought about the hallway but I wanted their artwork over the years to be showcased so I picked the foyer and because we live in a raised ranch style home also known as a split level the foyer wall going downstairs was the perfect option for displaying their art where guests can stop and look. I went through their "keepsake" boxes and picked out some of my favorite pieces. I also added a few of my own art pieces and some vintage paintings I picked up at flea markets to break up the layout a bit. I picked up my frames from Michaels, Kirklands, and Hobby Lobby. I can't tell you how hard it is to find basic white frames!!!!! I bought out Michaels most affordable one's which thankfully this week were buy one get one free! The really small set of white frames came in a pack of 3 from Kirklands and were on clearance for $10. The other more detailed frames are from Hobby Lobby, they were a bit pricey @ $32 for the larger one's and $20 for the smaller but thankfully it was 50% week on frames. LOL. I'm so happy with how it came out. I love it and it gives our home some character in a special kind of way.









I hope this has inspired you to create something beautiful from things with meaning. My 5 year old has already stopped to tell my mom about her art pieces she made on the wall. It's a great conversational wall and most importantly reminds me everyday of how much I cherish my little girls.

Peace In Love Always,


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