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Back Porch Before & Afters

By 86'n It on Oct 19, 2012


Even though Chris & Meryl did the most of the work. This project really took it out of me!

When we bought the house, the back porch was FILLED with junk and had a bathroom built on it, we ripped that off and added a neon yellow-orange painted temporary plywood wall, and now after it's nice and neatly sided to match the rest of the house!

The wall new no bathroom built on it, new siding, door & window!
New Door 1, New Siding, & New Flooring!

New Door 2 with no more deer head!

You can actually SEE OUT now!

Work done:
  • Marc built and installed window frame. (Confession, I'm photoshopping glass into the after photo because I ordered it but the lead time is 2 weeks.)
  • Chris & Meryl cut and installed all the German (aka Dutch, aka cove lap) siding and top decorative 1x4 boards.
  • I cut and installed the base, door &; wall trim, and painted it and the siding.
  • Only thing left is for Marc to stain the window frame and doors.
Quite the improvement, no?

Sorry this photo is so washed over exposed, I'm too excited to wait for a cloudy day!

I must admit, the door trim was ridiculously hard. Our house is 90 years old and not a single thing is plumb, level, or straight. A piece of door trim that narrows from 4-1/4" to 3-1/2" in just 80"of length seems completely at home.

Door #2's trim just about did me in. Not only did it sport the above mentioned narrowing, but the new door casing is also deeper than the original AND the whole wall tilts back while the frame stands plumb and upright. I couldn't draw a picture of this mess if I tried. Trust me, it's wack.

I mulled over our trimming options and decided to do a reveal to "solve" (read: mask) both issues. So I got to cutting and ended up with this gap in the middle while the top and bottom were tight. Grrrr. The white door casing is plumb, how can this be so far off??

After an investigation by Marc, we discovered that the old 1" thick door trim we are reusing is bowed. Nice. Still worth it to not have to buy new, but it did almost make me have a mental breakdown.

So, I recut it and... it's perfect!!
(Can you tell I'm proud of myself?)


Marc actually joked that not only did I actually do something TWICE, I actually did something else by hand.(This being the notch at the too to match the reveal.)

It's like I'm a real carpenter or something! I think Chris & Meryl's mad skills rubbed off on me.

Anyway, there you have it. I'm in terrible need of a shower, my hands are all cut up and covered in pant, but I'm feeling pretty good. I told Meryl when they left I was going to bust my butt to get this DONE by Friday and I did it!

Have a great weekend!


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