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'Baking' Our Back Porch Wall

By 86'n It on Sep 26, 2012

In 2-1/2 weeks we will have some very cool, very handy visitors ready to help us tackle a project. I should probably decide what project we want them to tackle, huh?
First, we thought we would have them help sand and stain the front porch floor because they did such an awesome job with their floors.
Then, we thought we'd have them put up the wood wall in the kitchen because they did such a good job with their custom hutch.
But I think we Finally settled on our [currently electric yellow-painted plywood] back porch wall. Marc has been brainstorming on what to do with this wall and finally came up with a good solution. I originally wanted to wuss out and just do German siding like the rest of the house's lower exterior. Marc wanted to do something rain-screen-esk and really complicated with rope lights behind it. We BOTH wanted the wall to be a little funky and have good shadows.


Our closest beach is Charleston and we try to go AT LEAST once a year. Last year, we checked out a bakery I saw on Design Sponge called Baked. They did a cool wall treatment with molding:

Photo From

Problem is, I think molding is the devil. Plus, it is a little fussy of a look for our house. So Marc had the idea of using the backside of the same pine flooring we used on the floor:



I like it. Good shadows, simple and we can alternate between the grooved back and smooth front for interest. It will be painted the same green as the exterior house walls.

Chris and Meryl might be getting a lesson in "Renovation with Kids" because Franca immediately picked up the boards and declared she wanted to put glue on them and stick them on the wall. That's my girl!

So now we just have to buy the wood, figure out the smooth/grooved pattern, and trim the future bathroom window.


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