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DIY Wire Picture Hanging System

By The House of Bing on Jan 07, 2013

Sometimes you can experience the joy of walking into a space that feels exactly like the person who lives there. Like Grandma’s house.

Of course it is Grandma’s house—it smells like coffee, has family photos taped to the fridge, and everything in the house seems like something Grandma would choose. You walk in and feel like it is her house.

I was mulling this over while thinking about how to make my home feel, well… more homey. The house already smells like yummy coffee but is lacking in photos. With photos being digital, somewhere we stopped printing them. Living with them. Snapshots that used to fill albums are stored on SD cards or live inside of a phone, never to be seen again.

Most of the photos aren’t precious enough to frame, but I wanted to see them all the same.

Enter cable wire, eyehooks, fasteners, turnbuckles and an empty wall.


Step 1. Pace around Home Depot texting while hubs tries to focus your poor ADD riddled mind.

Step 2. Focus long enough to grab cable wire and the eyehooks, fasteners and turnbuckles that fit the wire.

Step 3. Go home and drink wine, preferably white 2.99 from Trader Joe’s.  Cause we’re classy like that.

Step 4. Curse because studs are not where they are supposed to be.  Drink more wine.  Give up on the every 16 in there has to be a stud rule and start drilling holes until you find some.

Step 6.  Assemble all the crap you bought.

Step 7. Use a Dremel to cut the extra wire while avoiding setting your wall on fire.


Step 8. Hang photos. Finish wine.


It’s big, but not precious—which is good since it is in such a high-traffic area and prone to being bumped and beaten or eaten by the sometimes devil dog we call Charlie.


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