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Bringing the Outdoors In

By Julie Loves Home on Jun 06, 2012

Summer is around the corner and with all of this outdoor gardening: weeding, mulching, transplanting, setting up the vegetable and herb garden and adding a few annuals here and there for pops of colour, I almost forgot about the inside of the house.

No need to wait for beautiful blooms to add drama and interest.  Clip some sprigs from your yard or the side of the road!  I’ve said it before: plants are my favorite, inexpensive, go-to home decor accessory.  Plants never go out of style or cost a fortune, go with any decor and having something green and alive in your home will always draw people in and create warmth and interest: The most simple decorating touch anyone can do!

When season’s change take a look around the house and move some things around.  My Lady statue (above) was sitting on a shelf in my living room, I took her down and placed her in my entry, inserting a thin narrow glass vase in her center and filling her with maple leaf branches I clipped from a tree in my yard.

(For more info and photos on my home entry click here)

For vases think outside the box: mugs or an empty salsa jar! Below, a mercury candle holder holds boxwood clippings.

For zero dollars and little effort, I created a quick and simple table-scape!

The 101: No need to spend on pricey flowers or fancy plants, scour your yard, parks or the neighbors yard (with permission of course) and create some simple inexpensive arrangement that will work with any decor!

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