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Building Custom Tool Storage Just for the Heck of It

By Picardy Project on May 20, 2013

Chris really can't stop himself when it comes to building things. And neither of us can really stop ourselves when it comes to trying to organize things. And now that we're taking on more and more handyman jobs (and clearly working less and less on our own house because we got NO trim work done this weekend), Chris decided to complete another building/organizing project. While on handyman jobs, it seems to always be the case that there is one tool you don't have that you obviously need. While at someone's house there is generally this request, "Oh, while you're here could you do [enter task I didn't bring tools for here]?" Chris set about trying to remedy this by building a handy little go to carpentry case where he could keep many of his hand tools that might come in handy for that random request. There were a couple plans and inspirational ideas he cobbled together, like this one:


(found here)

The idea was that Chris would build a small "toolbox" that would then fit in a Festool case. All of our Festools stack together and he could stack it with his other handyman cases and bring it along with him on the job.

Once he was inspired, he brought all his desired tools inside and started mapping out a plan for each layer of the toolbox.





Chris always gets excited about building things and I always get excited about how cute he gets getting excited :).



Once he had his plan and his Festool case came in the mail (he needed it to finalize all his measurements) he got to building.




While the Festool cases always cost a decent amount of $$$, the nice thing is that other than that, Chris didn't pay for any of the materials because he used leftovers from other projects (plywood, cabinet grade plywood, sheet metal, etc.) All in all the project took a little bit of an afternoon, some evening time, and some fine tuning here and there, but not too long. And in the end, he had a pretty handy little go to carpentry toolbox


It fits snugly right inside the Festool!


And it stacks and snaps perfectly with his other Festool cases so he can just wheel them to our jobs


It's a pretty awesome little case!


All the tools fit in their little spots he carved out on the top.


And he's got 3 little drawers filled with goodies, as well.




Pretty nifty, huh? That Christopher, he's pretty handy :)

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