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Cool Houses in Point Loma

By One House One Couple on Apr 12, 2012

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I went to school in Point Loma in San Diego and I also worked there for a few years after I graduated, so I spent over 7 years consistently driving around this town, and sometimes I find myself there to this day.

Sometimes I like to just drive around and look at houses, in any area. One day I decided to drive around Point Loma and take pictures of some of my favorite houses.

These are a couple houses that I wouldn’t mind living in that can be found in the quaint peninsula town of Point Loma.

Cool House #1

This house was built while I lived in Point Loma. It is on one of the main roads I would drive on almost every day, so I got to see the whole process. The yard has something left to be desired (I don’t think they were done landscaping when I took this shot), but the house is cool. I like the craftsman style features, and I love the gray-green color on the front facade.


Cool House #2

This house is also a craftsman style, more like a craftsman bungalow. I also like the shingled siding.


Cool House #3

This house kind of has an ocean/beach feel to it, which I love. The circle window kind of eludes to boat windows. This house hasn’t been painted for awhile, but I like this color. I also like dark gray roofing for some reason.


I think overall, I enjoy craftsman style homes the most and I prefer houses with white trim. Once day I hope that we can build our own home from the ground up. We’ll see if that ever happens (permits are ridiculously expensive!).

What do you think of these houses? What’s your favorite style home? Do you sometimes find yourself driving through neighborhoods just to look at the different houses?

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