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Country Mouse/City Mouse: Mowing Edition

By 86'n It on Mar 28, 2012

Marc has always made fun of the way that I mow, specifically the pattern in which I mow. I never thought anything of it until last week while mowing our lawn. I had a "light bulb" moment.

Growing up, we had 6acres (Mom & Dad correct me here) to mow. Luckily my parents had 3 daughters eager to do the job and an International Harvester 184 tractor mower. Eager? you ask. It was the easiest chore outside because you got to sit, be in your bikini AND listen to headphones (but only in one ear). (My younger brother was relegated to push mowing the septic hill. Sucka!)

Anyway, as a  COUNTRY MOUSE  this always how I mowed:


See that pattern? As a young Country Mouse, I did that because I weighed 73lbs sopping wet. I'm pretty sure the International doesn't have power steering. Therefore, getting the tractor mower to do a 180 degree turn required more muscle power and weight than I had in me.

The new  CITY MOUSE  in me just realized that it is easier and looks nicer to do this pattern:


I do still love to mow the lawn. I don't even wear headphones now because it takes only about 10 minutes, not the 3 hours of my youth.

Of course, now that my parents don't have 4 peons to do the mowing, they bought one of these awesome zero radius mowers:


Ok, how dorky is it that I have a photo of myself on my parent's lawnmower?

What about you: City Mouse or Country Mouse mower?


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