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Creating or Remodeling a Space for a Children’s Play Area

By HomeCentrl on Jul 19, 2012

Having a dedicated playroom for the kids is not only beneficial for them, but keeps them from hauling their toys into other rooms in the house. This helps to keep the rest of the house clutter-free, as well as keeps the kids toys out of sight when you have guests over. The important points are to make the playroom kid-friendly, as well as safe for kids. These two points do differ.

Playroom Colors
Kids like bright and this is a plus for parents too. Bright colors can be helpful in hiding crayon and marker spots. If you wish to be able to remove crayons and markers from the walls, go with a glossy paint. This type of paint can be wiped down far easier than a paint with a matte finish.

Wood, laminate or any type of non-carpeted floor is best. This is the kid’s playroom, so there will inevitably be a few spills. Since carpeting is comfortable for kids to sit on, using carpet squares is a win-win. Your child will be comfortable and you can easily replace soiled squares as necessary. These can also allow your child to take part in decorating by allowing them to arrange the carpet squares in the pattern that they like.

A wonderful space for children

Within a Child's Reach
Kids will grab anything within their reach and this includes things that can be dangerous to them. If you have book shelves in the playroom, make sure any heavier books, hard cover books or heavy objects are on the bottom shelf. This reduces the risk of a child reaching up for something and then dropping it on themselves.

Tables and chairs should be those that are a fit for the child. An adult-sized table and chairs will cause the child to have to climb to get onto them and this can result in injury if the child falls.

All toys and activities should be able to be reached by the child. This will help to keep them in the room and busy without getting bored.

Computers and video games come in all shapes and sizes now, and many can be a learning tool for children. You want to make sure that the games and computers in the room can be operated by the child safely. Part of this is ensuring that any open electrical outlets are capped off with safety inserts. These are little pieces of plastic that go into empty sockets to prevent children from sticking things into them.

Another component of safety is making sure that all wires and cords are neatly tucked behind television cabinets and large electronic devices. Once cords and wires are tucked away, keep an eye on them to make sure that they are not frayed. If you are using surge protectors, be sure to also cap off the unused slots and keep the surge protector in a place where the kids cannot spill things on it.

About the Author: JillianWatkinson is very excited about her recently remodeled house, which is now equipped with new kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks. In her free time she loves playing with her kids and her dog.


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