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Curb Appeal: Planting Shrubs Around the Yard

By 86'n It on Oct 11, 2012

Now, just because we are selling don't think we are going to start painting everything beige and installing granite. No, no, we are much too impractical for that. BUT, we will work on curb appeal.

There are some big fixes that need to happen out front, like fixing the part of the rock retaining wall that is about to fall and kill some helpless dog, OR tearing up and re-pouring the dangerous first sidewalk step. But, of course, we are putting those off because it is the perfect time to plant shrubs!

I originally had an Earth Day tradition where I did some landscaping work on the front with small (cheap) plants and ground cover. 2008 2010 2011  The plants have done really well, but we need some height.  These 11 new shrubs aren't huge now, but should take root and in spring shoot right up.

Landscaping Before & Afters are so blah, I did a hilarious photoshop "future" too.


Here is the East Side:

And the West Side:

I was a little surprised at the cost of shrubs, but getting smaller ones now is MUCH cheaper buying full-grown shrubs in spring. Plus, these came from a local nursery (Reem's Creek) with a lifetime guarantee. Plus, they were super helpful in picking out shade plants for this north side of the house.
 Because I'm FAR too lazy to type them all out, I took photos of the tags. (click to enlarge)



 Franca had a great time helping. I wish I could say the same for my back. Marc was a HUGE help (hello, digging holes in clay), but I would not advise hauling around mulch at 27 weeks pregnant!


Stay tuned for our new improvement!


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