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Decks and Goats and Stuff

By on May 30, 2012

D: Hey Nate.  I know we were going to pour a concrete patio off this here bedroom, but lookie what I found – more deck building material!  Whatcha say we build us another deck instead?

Nate: It’s 10:00 pm..  But that sounds like an awesome plan!

Me: Sweeeet!  If we have an elevated deck instead of just a patio, it’ll be the perfect height to sit a hot tub next to!


Nate: Measure once…

D: Cut twice.

Me: That doesn’t sound right…

D: Stand back.

Me: Could I interest you in some safety goggles?  Anyone?  No?

~Next Day~

FIL: Hey guys!  I brought my goat along to help.

Me: This goat has no ears.

Me: I shall call you Van Goat!  (Get it??  Like Van Gogh!  Because he cut off his ear!)  Bwahahaa… That’s clever right there!


Winnie: At first I wanted to eat Van Goat, but now we’re cool.  I’m thinking of buying her a matching skully bandana.

And the deck?

(Yes, that’s a fitted sheet!  Those doors lead to the master and a girl needs her beauty rest whilst the boys build her a deck..)

To be continued…



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