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Decorating Your Home With Books: 20 Inspirational Ideas

By Decoholic on Sep 20, 2013

decorating ideas with books

If you would like to add some color and depth to your home, you do not have to make a major renovation. Have you ever considered utilizing a collection of books to achieve this goal? It may sound simple or strange, but in fact you can enhance your home decor a great deal with a few of your favorite tomes.

decorating ideas with books 6

Books will inevitably be placed in a bookcase, shelving unit or showcase and help to accessorize the look of the room in a simple and subtle way. But besides using them for decor, they should also be easily accessible for whenever you want to browse through them.

Spots such as around door frames or built-in alcove shelvings could really give a nice effect to your home, while also making good use of spaces that would otherwise be left empty. Books can look great wherever you place them. You should never limit yourself to a study room, a living area or a library. They can be placed in other rooms or areas all over the house.

decoratinf with books around bed

Bear in mind that your collection may expand, and so you should allow for some extra space for other books which you may buy in the future. Another good idea would be to add some built-in lighting. It will illuminate the books on display and add a nice touch to the room’s ambiance.

decorating ideas with books 4

You could organize the books by size or by the colors of their spines. You could try to cover the books in identical jackets, too. Make sure the colors complement one another.

decorating ideas with books 7

Combine your books with frames and other ornaments and mementos to create a unique style. In compact spaces, printed book-lined wallpaper will add a witty touch and create a talking point for your guests.

fake bookshelves decorating wallpaper

Wallpapers that deceive the eye, such as stylished bookshelf designs, add drama and depth without impacting the space, so they are perfect for creating theatre in small rooms.

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Smoothcore Architects

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shelves around the door

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decorating ideas with books 15

shelving around door frames

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decorating ideas with books 8

You do not have to spend a fortune to decorate your home with books, but it is certainly a great way of creating a charming and cozy ambiance.

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