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Making Over an Old Dresser with a Few Maps and a Lot of Mod Podge

By Stylish Patina on Jun 20, 2013

So many of you can tell by the furniture that I transform I don’t do a lot of “fluffy” projects, but I’ve had the decoupage map desk project in my head for a while; so for the Rough Luxe Marketplace opening, I finally did it!

I started with something like this (of course I didn’t take a before pic!).

vintage desk

Then I painted the entire desk in Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. The next steps were as follows…

1. Apply modge podge all over the top of the desk.

2. Let it get tacky for about 25 minutes.

3. I took an old atlas book and ripped out pages and randomly placed them on the top. Once you place them down you cannot remove them :-)

4. I then put some modge podge on top to make sure all the edges were down and sticking to the top. I let this sit overnight.

5. The next day I applied General Finished High Performance poly. I applied 2 coats thoughout the day and then sanded a little between coats..

6. Finally, I distressd and applied the same poly all over the base of the desk too. Yes, I said POLY over Chalk Paint®. You can do this …. I will admit it’s not my preferred way to do furniture but it was perfect for this desk!

You will see I left some of the edges torn to add a little character.


Here she is…come and see her at the Rough Luxe Marketplace this weekend in Falls Church details on the website.


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