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DIY Tales: Turning Two Chairs into One

By Hello...I Live Here on Dec 10, 2013

DIY Chair Bench from Hello I Live Here

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing great and keeping warm today! Sorry I had no post yesterday, but I was working on some Old chairs that became a beautiful DIY Chair Bench for our dining room. I know, I know, I just ordered new chairs and your right. If you remember not too long ago, I built a three pedestal table (since sold to a friend who just had to have it), but the awful thing, every chair I just ordered all fell apart and they were only 3 months old! :-( No worries, the company made it right by refunding my money, so all is happy with the world.

However, it left me with no chairs, and I could not toss the old ones until the new ones arrived. Then, we received the notice our new chairs were not coming, back ordered until June of 2014. With Christmas coming and a Villa full of guests, I took matters into my own hands and comb one of my thrift store haunts, I decided to look for thick ladder back chairs for the perfect DIY Chair Bench, which guess what – I found on the first stop – Insert happy dance here!

DIY Chair Bench

Once in the door it was like the light shining – there they were, six lovely all wood ladder back chairs staring right at me as I entered the door. The construction was just what I wanted, and let’s face it for $40, and my time, I knew they would work :-) When I returned home with my great deal, Hello I Live Here got to work and made a new DIY chair bench first.

DIY Chair Bench

There were two tall back chairs for the head of the table. It was my decision right then and there, to turn them into our DIY chair bench seating to fit the back of the table. Here’s how we did it:

First, I removed the old bottoms and stored them away, and washed down the chairs to remove the sticky debris.

DIY Chair Bench

Then, I sat the two chairs side by side, and added 4 pilot holes with our Ridge driver from The Home Depot to join the chairs with 3 inch wood screws purchased at Home Depot.

DIY Chair Bench

Next, I added the broken pieces to the bottom and sides of the chair (I only need 4 chairs around the table so the broken chair was used for parts. I added these piece using Titebond glue and my Ryobi nail gun, both from The Home Depot. What I did not use went to my scrap wood pile for later use).

DIY Chair Bench

After that, I added some beautiful molding purchased from Lowe’s to cover the joined lines in the wood, and carried the molding to each side of the chair, the front, and the bottom.

DIY Chair Bench

Using Elmer’s wood filler, I repaired all the cracks, then sanded it down with my Ryobi sander.

DIY Chair Bench

To complete the chair, I did an Annie Sloan Old Ochre and brown wax mixture. Once dry, I sealed the stain with Minwax quick dry polyurethane, and let dry.

DIY Chair Bench

While drying I recovered the chair bottoms. Joining the bottoms together with two braces, and screws on each side between the seat cushions helped to keep them together. Then I upholstered the bench with some great fabrics on sale at Hancock Fabrics, and reattached to the bench seat.

DIY Chair Bench

Flipping over the bench, and placing it into its new home why it waits for the three other chairs and new table to be finished.

DIY Chair Bench

I hope this post encourages you to try your own version of a DIY chair bench. It was amazing just watching the piece come together. Well, that’s our post for today – but remember, before you ditch those old chairs that have breaks, just remember the great DIY chair bench they all could make! Thanks for stopping by – happy DIY everyone!


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