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DIY Dining Table Makeover

By Blissfully Ever After on Feb 18, 2013


Hope you had a great weekend! We spent a ton of time hanging out as a family and enjoying the beautiful weather. We also celebrated finishing up a list of projects we’ve been meaning to get done the past several months. We worked as a team {the Hubbs and I} and completed about ten projects in the past two weeks and it feels SO GOOD! Today, I am going to share with you one of our favorite projects... our DIY Dining Table Makeover!

If you've been following Blissfully Ever After over the past couple of years, you probably saw me post about the Craigslist Dining Table that we picked up for $200. It needed some work but it was exactly what we were looking for in terms of design and functionality for our family. If you missed that post you can read it here: Dining Room Table on a Budget.

Here is our table before the makeover...


We went through a series of steps to get it to its final state {which I’m totally in love with by the way} and here is a snap shot of what we did.


The color and style are perfect for our home and lifestyle. We love the farmhouse look, and the cost to purchase a table like this brand new is close to $1,000, but we were able to do the project ourselves for around $300, including the cost of the table, paint, fabric to recover the chairs {we used drop cloths from Lowes} and acrylic paint to paint the stripes.



The leg detailing is so beautiful, and it really popped once painted and distressed.


The table changed the entire feel of this little dining space of ours. Do you love the chalkboard wall?


Here’s an upclose photo of the recovered chairs that I painted stripes on.



Still need to change out the hardware on the drawers...


But for now we are happy with the results! What do you think?

Look out for some upcoming tutorials on painting this table and recovering/painting the chairs.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and link up with us for the "Paint It" Challenge tomorrow!!!

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