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DIY Linen and Paper Wall Art

By Stay at Home-ista on Aug 31, 2012
DIY linen and paper wall art in the dining room by Stay At Home-ista


Our dining room desperately needed some additional soft surfaces to absorb the sound, and some texture to add a little bit of interest. We have lived here for over a year with nothing on the walls in here. 

4 walls. Nothing on them. This was right after we moved in, but it's a pretty accurate before pic.


So finally, I was inspired by Bryn Alexander to attempt my own DIY linen and paper wall art project.

The walls are huge, so I loved that the project was about $200 all in. For 4 pieces!

Linen and Paper DIY art

This way I am happy if we leave these up for 6 months or 6 years. My idea of gallery hopping and finding "real" art, was clearly a fantasy, it's just not happening for us for a long, long time.

Tutorial for DIY Linen and Paper Wall Art:

First I got 4 of the largest Ribba frames Ikea sells. 


I also ordered 4 different handmade papers from Kate's Paperie. I chose 4 different patterns, just to make each wall "go" but not be exactly the same. The paper is a bit longer than the frames, so I trimmed the ends, trying to keep the pattern looking as organic as possible.

                       Handmade Paper from Kate's Paperie into large scale artwork

Next I "upholstered" the backing with a gray linen that I bought on for $7.99 a yard. I used 5 yards, although I think I could have gotten away with 4 yards...


We cut the fabric out around the back of the frames, then used an industrial office stapler (that's what we had on hand) to pull it taut.


This is the part of the process that took too long. Just wanting to give you fair warning:)

Upholstered Ikea Ribba frames for DIY artwork

The tutorial I had pinned, had the paper behind the plexiglass of the frame. We tried it, but with the lighting in our room, it turned out looking too glare-y, so we improvised and took out the fake glass.

DIY Paper and Linen Gallery Art


I used Tacky glue to attach the paper in a few spots to the fabric, then weighed it all down with a selection of cookbooks.

Weighing down paper with cookbooks

I let everything dry overnight, and the next morning we hung them up.

Each one is slightly different which I love since it gives you a slightly different view from each spot.

From the living room.

                        StayatHomeista Dining room from Living Room

From the kitchen.

StayatHomeista Dining room into Living Room with DIY Paper and Linen Art


From my spot at the head of the table looking towards the library.

Paper Wall Art

I am so proud of myself (and my husband), this is a project that I pinned, he loved, and we tackled together. And just because I love to keep everything real, here is the "during" shot of our 60 foot long gallery.


What fun projects have you been up to? 

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