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Holiday DIY: Modern Paper Tree Garlands

By Nalle's House on Nov 22, 2013

When I was young my mom made simple Christmas decorations for our house. She told me that when she grew up in Finland they would always craft their own decorations. I fondly remember these paper heart garlands/strings that my mom made and hung in the front windows of our house during Christmas. When I came across these Christmas garlands they reminded me of the decorations my mom made and of one of my favorite Scandinavian patterns. So I just had to make some too. :) I really love the graphic look of them. The black and white feels quite modern too.


I'm pretty sure I'll tweak this as Christmas approaches and I get more of my decorating done. One thing I will probably change is the yellow washi tape I hung the garlands with to something grey or white or black.



I added a star string light to the mantel and my boys love it. Little Pilot loves to point out Christmas lights whenever he sees them. He refers to them both as "Cwisma lights" and "Joulu Valoja". He's picking up more English words lately, but his pronunciation is still better in Finn. :)


I don't think you need much of a tutorial for these garlands. I made a tree template that I used to cut my trees from black card stock. I used regular black thread doubled up for the string and simply taped the trees on spacing them by eye. Little Pilot helped with the taping. He also had fun pretending to have horns (maybe a reindeer?) and once the trees were up on the wall he said they looked like rocket ship Christmas trees. I just love him! :)


Here's what our fireplace wall is looking like at the moment. They'll be more tweaks to come!


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