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DIY Tales: What to Do with a Cross Section of a Tree Branch

By Nalle's House on Nov 20, 2013

Hey wait, we already celebrated Thanksgiving in October! Yes, it's true Thanksgiving's much earlier here in Canada, but I do write for an American website (Elizabeth Street) in addition to my own blog and they requested a Thanksgiving DIY. I came up with another birch branch DIY that can be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any occasion really. It's a little chalkboard wood slice napkin ring. You may recognize these wood slices from the boys' birthday party. I sure seem to like to repurpose that party decor. First the straws become ornaments and now the wood slices become napkin rings. :)

I set up a very casual place setting to show off my new wood slice napkin rings. Technically I used a really large handkerchief as a napkin here. The boys were both napping and the linen closet is next to their room so I didn't want to risk waking them up to find the linen napkins. Setting a table isn't my forte, but simple and casual I can do, sort of.




I think these napkin rings would give a nice rustic yet festive look to your table. You could also use the wood slices as place cards by changing up the message on the chalkboard.


Again, changing up the message/drawing can make them perfect for your Christmas table too...


You can probably figure this one out, but here's a quick summary of how I made the napkin rings:

Wood Slice Napkin Rings

woodslices from a branch (I used Birch), chalkboard paint and fine paint brush, drill and twine

How To:

  1. Drill a small hole at the top of the wood slice large enough for your twine to fit through.
  2. Draw a circle on one side of the wood slice using a pencil and then paint the circle with chalkboard paint using a fine brush.
  3. Cut a piece of twine and thread it through your drilled hole

*always follow manufacturers safety instructions when using power tools.

So Easy!

I'm actually contemplating the idea of using these wood slices as ornaments or gift tags for Christmas. Even though we've celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, I think this DIY still works as something my Canadian friends could make for Christmas. :)

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