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Easy DIY: DIY Picture Frame

By Hello...I Live Here on Feb 05, 2014

DIY Picture Frame

Hi everyone! Today we are going to show you how to make DIY picture frame from your old scrap wood. This is a pretty easy project. It cost us nothing to make since we had all the scraps in our garage wood storage box (our scraps always become a DIY something ;-) ).

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

A DIY picture frame is fun, but even better with they can be made with left over craft or wood scraps you just can’t toss away. We used all the left over scrap we had from framing our bathroom mirror post which was featured on Bob Vila Nation, wood left from a cabinet build, and tile left over from our tile project in the master bathroom. You can pretty much use anything to make a good DIY picture frame, so don’t be afraid to be creative.

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

Here’s what we did to create our DIY picture frame:

First, I cut the frame pieces to my desired length on 45 degree angels using my Ryboi Miter Saw to start my DIY Picture Frame. Then we glued the 45 degree angels together and added a small brad nail using our Ryobi nail gun to form our DIY picture frame.

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

Once done, we trimmed down a small piece of wood for the center of the DIY picture frame and installed by using our Kreg jig to make 4 Kreg pocket holes, our Ridge power driver, and 4 pan head screws as show in the 3rd photo above. We secured the flat board to the sides of the frame.

Master bathroom Storage - tools we used

After we were done we painted the board the color of our choice, we used Annie Sloan Chalk paint in French Linen.

Annie Sloan paint

Annie Sloan paint

sloan wax kit

sloan wax kit

Once we painted the board we added our left over tile around the edge of the frame. The pieces left over were perfect and we slid them into place like a puzzle making sure we did not have to cut any of the tile. We then added grout from The Home Depot.

DIY picture frame

On the side of the DIY picture frame, we used wood icing product and a stencil to get our raised decor on the frame. We simple spread the wood icing product on like peanut butter, and let it sit a couple minutes, then lifted the stencil to get our effect.

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

When the stencil dried, we painted the center ring of the DIY picture frame with our AS Chalk paint in French Linen to match our center board, following the rest of the frame in an old white color.

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

We added a white cloths pin clip purchased from Joann’s Crafts into the center of the board with our glue for our picture to hang in the center, and hung on the wall to share with our family and guests. We used a cloths pin because we like to change out our photos as they arrive from family.

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

This really was an easy project to create your own DIY picture frame. If you do not have a saw to cut the 45 degree angles, you can use a compound miter box and hand saw, or have a handy neighbor cut the angels for you. Once done, stand back and enjoy your DIY picture frame handy work!

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

We hope you enjoyed our post on making a DIY picture frame today. We love that you stopped by to read our post. Stay warm and safe out there if you live in a bad weather area. If you are in the sun, absorb a little for me – Vitamin D is starting to become a food group here in Missouri and I can use all I can get! ;-)

Until tomorrow’s post!

Linda :-)

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