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Easy DIY: Rustic Shutters for $10

By DesignDreams by Anne on Oct 05, 2013

I love shutters. If I could get my hands on more shutters, my house would be full of them. Instead, I've taken to building my own. This week, I've been working on indoor shutters for the new window I installed a month ago - holy crap, can it be a month ago already?! Time sure flies...

DIY+Hinged+Shutters.JPG Aren't they cute?! I love them!!!

To build them, I took the window measurements and played around with different wood sizes until I came up with a design that I liked that would work with the amount of space I had. I used 1x4s and 1x2s to create four panels, two for each side that would be hinged together. I allowed 1/2" in my width measurement for the hinges and it worked out perfectly! I also allowed 1/4" for the height measurement so that I had proper clearance for the shutters to move without hitting the window ledge.


The wood that I bought was so rough, I spent about an hour sanding it all before I even began to cut the pieces to size. That being said, the wood only cost me $6 and the hinges cost $4 so I can't complain - what a great price for a window treatment!


I used butt hinges to hinge the panels together as well as to attach them to the window trim.


I also wound up sanding the parts of the braces that meet up with the trim to a 45 degree angle so that the shutters could fold back against the wall neatly. That was something I should have done before assembling all the panels. In hindsight, I should have done that on all sides of the braces to make them look consistent...




A single coat of white paint and a light sanding after it dried allowed the wood grain to show through. I used Ikea knobs I had on hand from a dresser makeover. I like the effect they created. I also stole the hook from another set of shutters I found at a yard sale. I'm pretty thrilled with the way they look and you can't beat the price!


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