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DIY Fiberboard Window Valance

By Classy Clutter on Feb 13, 2013

Since I shared my dining room re-do last year, I've had about a zillion people ask me where I got this wooden cornice above my DIY Ruffled Burlap Curtains in my dining room.

The answer is that I got it from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1! One of my favorite finds to date. BUT... what that means for you is that you can't run to your local ReStore and get one.

If you don't know, ReStore is like a thrift store for home improvement items like light fixtures, doors, windows, flooring, some furniture, etc. It's an awesome little place, and they're all over the US but like a thrift store, you have to pick through everything to find great deals.


Lately I've been wanting another one of these valances but obviously I couldn't just go buy another one. But I took it down, looked it over, and realized that I could make one pretty easily—and for around $10!

I went to Home Depot and bought two pieces of MDF board. The board is 10" tall by the width of your window, plus 8" to allow for a 4" overhang on each side. Making the valance wider and hanging your curtains a little wider makes your window look bigger. You could use regular wood too, but the router is easier to use on MDF.


I laid the valance I had on a piece of MDF and traced the shape on the bottom.


Then I took my jigsaw and cut out the shape.


Next, I sanded the cut down, so it was nice and smooth.


Then, we borrowed a friend's router and routed the edge to make it look more finished.

I didn't get photos of the next step, but I basically cut two smaller rectangles and used my nail gun to attach them on the sides at a right angle. After that I used my nail gun to attach the trim I'd bought, along with the wood applique. If you purchase an applique, this will definitely put your project over $10, but I think it dresses the valance up a bit. I guess it depends on the style of the room that you're going to be using the piece in.


Last, paint! I used some paint that I had on hand and painted the whole thing. Then I used some watered-down, brown acrylic paint as the glaze, wiping some on and wiping it right off to give a weathered look.



You can see here a little sneak peek of my bedroom makeover! I've even done lots since this photo was taken. I can't wait to show you all. I am in love with how it's going.

If you need a valance or cornice, you've gotta make one! It's really fun and inexpensive, and you get the custom look for cheap!

You can see another version of a DIY Window Valance that Savannah made here.


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