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Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?

By Evolution of Style on Jan 07, 2013

Hello friends!

Seriously, don't you feel like clutter and disorganization weighs you down? I think I've reached a breaking point with some areas in my home and am tired of spending so much time looking for things!

I know I'm not alone in feeling like my mental health is tied to the state of my home. When it's a hot mess, so am I. So as part of my 2013 goals, I'm riding this wave of organizational energy and I'm hoping that I can continue throughout other rooms in my home.

I have been reading the New Year's Organizating Revolution series at A Bowl Full of Lemons, and I. am. hooked!  Seriously, I can't tell you how much time I spent studying all of the photos of her beautifully organized home - it's so inspiring!

This is the amazing closet I have in my home office - complete with organizers and everything. But it had gone by the wayside where organization is concerned. Here is proof that our Friday night destination organization trip to IKEA was worth it!


The closet already had built-in organizers, (as you can see below), but I had these great organizing cubes (purchased at Michael's years ago) to house my scrapbooking supplies. I adjusted the shelves in the closet, so they fit in beautifully.


I purchased some chalkboard tags for my baskets, and I'm finding myself labeling everything in sight.



I scored the last package of vinyl chalkboard labels at Hobby Lobby and used them to label IKEA jars filled with fabric swatches and rolls of ribbon.


I used a wine crate for organizing wrapping paper and other hard to manage items (like the house plans that we found hidden away in a closet! What a great find!).


I added a little basket (TJ Maxx) to corral my desk supplies (and more labeling, just in case you didn't realize that bucket was for pens and pencils).


I can't resist - one more shot of the finished space. It just makes me so happy! See what I mean about feeling better when the clutter is contained? Organized = Good Mental State.


I'll share more of this space, once I get it all together. Is it just me, or are you feeling the urge to empty your house and get it all in order?

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