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Painted Furniture: Dressers!

By Alchemy Fine Living on Jun 26, 2012

For some time now I have been working on putting together a book on all of the different furniture painting techniques I use. Because I want to fill the book with as many different furniture painting techniques as possible I have been having a blast exploring new colors and new ways of doing things and of course, documenting the whole experience. I hope the book will be a wealth of knowledge for people who want to learn to paint their own furniture.

Anyways, these two pieces will be included in the book. I wont post specific details on the colors I used or how I applied them, I’ll save that for the book, but I’ll share a few before and after pictures.

I also offer furniture painting services to those of you who are local and don’t have the desire to do the work yourself. The labor charges to paint a three drawer dresser start at $104. Because these dressers have two different colors, distressing, and wax finishes the labor charges would be $150. I offer basic furniture painting and many different custom and unique finishes.  The possibilities are endless!



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