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Fall Favorite: Outdoor Fireplaces

By Evolution of Style on Oct 23, 2012


We had quite the exciting weekend here!  My oldest son (he turns 14 in two weeks) ended up in the ER with a dislocated kneecap as a result of jumping around with his buddies in a bouncy house.  Yes, a bouncy house.  He went to a bonfire this weekend that was quite a shindig - lots of people there, kids and parents alike. 

The unfortunate part of it was that we weren't with him at the party, and I arrived to find him in a great deal of pain - in a bouncy house.  Fortunately, some of his friends' moms were there to comfort him until I arrived, but boy is it tough to see your child in pain like that.  And I know exactly how it feels, because it's happened to me.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right?

(No, I wasn't in a bouncy house when I dislocated my kneecap.)

Fortunately, his kneecap went back into place while the paramedics were moving him (yes, still in the bouncy house), and they didn't have to do it manually.  (Ick)  So, he has a swollen knee and will be recovering over the next six weeks, with physical therapy starting on Wednesday.

But, rather than dwelling on the pain and suffering in this story - let's focus on the warm and fuzzy positive - the bonfire.

The smell of leaves burning is one of those signature scents of the fall season, isn’t it? Fall is wonderful in that it still lends itself to outdoor activities, but sometimes you need a little something to keep the chill at bay. Warm cider. A cozy wool blanket. An outdoor fire. All of the above?

Who can resist?

Source: via Colette on Pinterest

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Source: via mendy on Pinterest

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Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Aren't those images just delicious?  I think that last image is my favorite!

Have you added an outdoor firepit or fireplace to your home?  I just love these warm outdoor spaces, and they just beg to be put to use during the fall season.  We have added one to our back patio - look for more on that soon!

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