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Fall Landscaping

By 86'n It on Oct 25, 2012

We've been trying to get a bunch of landscaping done now in the Fall so that when we put the house on the market in Spring, things will miraculously sprout and look great with minimal work or weeding our part.
We will have PLENTY to do in Spring already with a new baby AND all the pre-sale tasks.

We already tackled the front, so this weekend we decided to tackle the side yard. It was looking pretty bad. I wish I had an aerial "Before" photo to show how messy the ground was. It was impossible to get the mower in there and do a good job with all the wisteria vines, so we decided to weed-block and mulch the heck out of it.


(I unfortunately trimmed the wisteria covering our various meters, but it grows back pretty quickly.)

I got ridiculously winded pruning the life out of 2 shrubs and buying 32 bags of mulch, while Marc cleaned up the ground, arranged the wisteria on the fence, put down cardboard or filter fabric and spread the mulch. Phew! We were tired!


Even with all this, plus reseeding the other side yard with grass, we still managed to shop for materials for Franca's Chewbacca costume AND go to the pumpkin patch/farm:



I've been busy this week doing other "clean up" tasks before we start on the big bathroom push next month, so stay tuned!


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