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By on Jun 08, 2012

We hired out all the exterior mason work, but to save a little lot of dough, D decided to do the fireplace himself.

Even though he’d never done it before!

He started late on Saturday night with some pals for support.

(Gratuitous shot of D’s bum)

The hearth stone alone weighed 300 pounds.  Took three fellas to haul it in and place it.  Yeah, we need to reinforce the floors.

To me, this job looked a lot like playing tetris.

But it was much more involved and detailed than that.  We had a couple tons of rock stacked on a trailer in the front dirt patch yard (locally quarried limestone, to be exact) and he had to measure and cut many of the pieces so they would fit in perfectly.

It was a tedious process.  I thank God my only job was occasionally providing refreshment.

I’d secretly been pouting that we hadn’t brought up the living room furniture yet.  But now I totally understand why D wanted to wait.  It was a slightly messy process.

It took two and a half days,

and involved a whole lotta dust,

But I think the end result was worth it.

Le sigh… le swoon…

Mad props to my main man, D!  I love this fireplace with my whole heart and am beyond impressed that he was able to pull this off with no prior experience.

Back off ladies!  ;)



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