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Fireplace Pillars

By on Sep 27, 2012

We did just a little updating in the living room a couple weekends ago.  I’ve shown you our fireplace before.

D did all that rock all by himself!  Still just blows my mind.  Anyway, we had some pillars we knew we’d wanted to add but they were pretty crusty and gross. 

Originally, I wanted them painted black to match the kitchen cabinets.

But once he started to get the old paint off, the wood below was really pretty.

So we decided to set them up and see how we liked them.

Junior supervised.

Mmm, leg muscles and food network.

And we liked them.  We think leaving them natural, while still being noticeable, is not overpowering.

 But what do you think?  Should we leave them natural, or do you vote black?



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