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Flea Market

By Alchemy Fine Living on Apr 01, 2012

My husband and I headed out to the the flea market in Irvine today to see what treasures we could find. The flea market is hosted at the Great Park on the first Sunday of every month. It’s one of my favorite markets (Long Beach Veteran’s Stadium is my very favorite though). There’s usually a nice blend of vendors selling unique items. From old tools, and rusty junk, to crystal chandeliers, and everything in between.

It was such a beautiful spring day. The sun was shinning and a soft cool breeze was blowing. We decided to take our pooch, Shelby, along for the ride too. She was smiling the whole way there as she sat in the passenger seat and slept the whole way home. (I sat in the middle seat next to my husband, so she could stick her head out the window. She is soooo spoiled.)

We had a really nice time and found a few good pieces of “junk” for the store. I was a bit disappointed though. What I had set out to find was a pair of three drawer dressers for our master bedroom. We each currently have two tiny night stands and one dresser stuffed so full the drawers can hardly close. I’d like to use three drawer dressers as night stands instead. I think the scale will be better, plus we really need the storage. Oh well, I will have to continue the hunt and be happy with these finds for now.

I picked up some rusty plant stands, worn out green wooden boxes, some neat metal baskets, and two really cool old oil cans.

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