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Fast, Cheap Way to Wash Floors

By Julie Loves Home on Jan 10, 2013

Nothing can replace a good old-fashioned hands-and-knees floor washing. When you’re down there, you spot all kinds of filth that can normally go unseen: dusty baseboards, food stuck to the bottom of cupboards, dog fur clinging to a chair leg!

But for days when all you want is a quick cleanup, I, like most households, own a Swifter Wet Jet (on my third generation now). I also got caught up in the steam mop craze and got one of those for Christmas a few years ago. Yes, I am probably one of the few women who actually gets excited about receiving household appliances as gifts. I fondly remember that Christmas—steam-mopping in my PJs while the turkey did its thing in the oven and the kids played with their toys...

mop kitchen

Anyways! The thing is that, with approximately 1, 700 sq ft of wood and tile on the main floor of this home, I use up a lot of wet jet pads and cleaning solution. So I find myself contemplating if my dirty floor is Wet Jet-worthy (it brings to mind the Seinfeld 'spare a square' episode! lol!). I don’t use it as often as I should, because I either end up running out and/or feel guilty about the cost—$6 to $10 of Wet Jet products later, and my floor might still end up being just as dirty in 30 minutes, when the dog and kids come charging in!

As for the steam mop, it’s great that it only uses water and that the pads are re-usable/washable, but it is more time-consuming (you have to work slowly, since the whole point is hot steam killing the bacteria on your floors), and when I use it near the front, back, or mudroom doors, the dirt turns into mud that I end up sludge-ing around (despite my spell check, I’m sure that’s a real word!).

Well, enough is enough. The other day I put together my own floor-cleaning system, which had me as giddy as the day I got a Roomba (that was Christmas 2011; I know, I know, it’s a sickness). It does the job of being quick and easy (not to mention guilt-free!).

What You Need:
- 1 knock off-type Swifter Duster base, $1.25
- 1 super cute broom handle (make sure it fits/screws into base), $1.25
- 1 (small) bottle of Pine Sol, $1
- 4 reusable/washable microfiber floor cloths to fit over base, $1.25 each
- 1 spray bottle (not too big), $1

Mop buy

Assemble your "mop". Fill the spray bottle with very hot water and about one spoonful (more, depending on your bottle size) of Pine Sol. With one hand, maneuver the mop; with the other, spray the floor. Unlike the Swifter Wet Jet, the dollar store “mop” is much lighter, and the spray bottle shoots out cleaning solution much wider and farther then the Swifter does.


My floors were shiny and clean in no time, and with the velcro on the microfiber pads, the pads fit snugly over the base. They were also surprisingly thick, so I didn’t need to change them out very often, and they washed up well in the machine (just remember not to use fabric softener, as it will leave a film on your floor and not absorb the cleaning solution as well.

Happy floor cleaning!

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