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DIY Front Entry Update

By Cozy.Cottage.Cute. on Jan 17, 2013

Oh how I love when I find the perfect thing. And it totally happened the other night on a way overdue trip to Homesense. I hadn't been shopping there since before Christmas. So yes, I was in withdrawals. Alex took the fam out for a little mini shopping adventure. He's such a keeper, right?
A bench for our front entry has been on my wish list for a few years now. I was looking for something simple and narrow, with the possibility of placing baskets underneath for storage. 
{Is there such thing as too many baskets? Ummm, I think not.}

I find that some pieces of "wood" furniture from Homesense are really solid and well-built while others are a bit flimsy or have cheap finishes.

The bench that I found the other night is nice and solid, a lovely shade of blue-grey, and looks just like this Pottery Barn bench that I've been ogling for centuries:


The best part about the whole thing is that the Pottery Barn bench (above) is listed online for $297 and I got mine for $69. But not really, because I had a $50 gift card from taking pictures (woot woot!) so really it only cost me $20.


 Squeal! I'm pretty sure that squealing is kind of unbecoming. But I'm doing it anyway.



I found the perfect storage baskets to go underneath on a quick trip to Michael's. I made sure to take some measurements with me to make sure the baskets would fit. I'm glad I did because when I was in the store I could have sworn the large size baskets would fit. But once I measured I realized that I needed the medium-sized ones instead. I was planning to do the awkward go in the store twice with two different 40% off coupons. However, their whole basket section was 40% off that day. Score!


I am LOVING how this little spot is coming along. I really want to start using the front door more often. It's so pretty in this entry compared to our ugly, cramped, add-on side entry that still has carpeting and smells like wet dog. Ugh.


Aside from the bench and baskets, everything else we already had. :)
Bench - Homesense
Baskets - Michael's
Lantern - Homesense
Pail - Local Home Décor Store
Plant - Home Depot
Mirror - DIY Project
What are you up to today? Coops and I are totally going to hibernate. It's -35 degrees Celsius here today! My plan is to make some fresh bread and roasted red pepper soup, put the Christmas decorations away, have two cups of coffee, research vacations, cancel our cable, play with Mini-Coop, and clean the house for a little baby play date tomorrow. I'll probably only get one of those things done though. Ain't that the way it goes... :)

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