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DIY Gravel Garden Path

By 86'n It on May 30, 2012

We have slowly been working on the garden path. Not only does this path give us good access to the garden, but it also gives us an easy way to get the garden to the front yard.

blogger-image--1824131311.jpgblogger-image-2039723221.jpg First step was removing all the good soil and transplanting it to the vibe area, while taking the clay from there and moving it to the path.
Marc raked and raked and leveled the path and all 3 of us tamped it down by walking (and walking and walking) all over it. I used this valuable time to text my sisters. <-See image.

Then we let it set a couple of weeks to let it dry out and make sure it would turn into a mud pit. We had up adjust it in one spot, but in general it was great as a sub-surface.


Then Marc shoveled the leftover gravel on top. A pretty thin layer because as we learned with the big gravel area too thick is hard to walk on. (We still need to remedy that in some areas.)

It is great! Nice path to walk on, move the mower, and of course, to sit an play on.


Franca and Marc posing on the path.

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