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Happy Corner: Houseplant Haven

By Rental Revival | DIY Home Decor Apartment Decor on Sep 03, 2013


Around my house this summer, a lot of furniture was moved and removed and swapped around rooms. One of the biggest changes made was reevaluating how the upstairs attic space was going to be used. Previously it was set up as a studio/music room, but it was a rarity that anyone would even go up there to use it. I decided it would be a great idea to move my bedroom up there, mainly because Petunia would have room to run, look out the windows, and just chill. I offered to pay a little more in rent, since the room is huge and way bigger than the downstairs bedrooms. Now I have my computer and recording equipment in my room, which is great for the privacy and "concentration space." I use this room to crochet, record my podcast, do my makeup and hair every day, and just relax and watch Netflix (from my bed! Whoohoo!). Tuney loves living up here because of her favorite "lookout post," which consists of those green storage ottomans I thrifted underneath a window.

Moving up here to the Space Attic (which it has been deemed, because of the twinkle lights) has given me a chance to redecorate a little bit, too. I thrifted a new couch, which looks amazing against the aqua walls. I found some beautiful vintage-inspired curtains. Oh, and I have gone plant crazy.


I have a mini-jungle living up here with me. I am one who proclaims the coziness and warmth of plants in a home. I adore the green, clean feel it brings to the room. It makes this feel more like a home and less like a big empty void (like, say, Space).

Setting up my plants on a ladder was inspired by this little space. I love the way my viney plant has room to spread out, being on the top of the ladder. Another favorite plant is this charming Triceratops-succulent. My percussion student Emilie made him! She has an Etsy shop of all sorts of handmade artistic crafts (I will get a link for that soon!). She also made me a beautiful dream catcher and some pretty earrings.

dinosaur planter.JPG

My favorite non-plant items that I've put in this corner have to include baby Bambi, whom I thrifted a while ago. Isn't she so cute? I love illustrations and I think you might see more of those show up around my house.

deer illustration on wood.JPG

The other little animal you might see is my scottie dog statue. He has quite the story, actually. Several years ago, our beloved family dog/brother Sammy passed away. He was the best dog ever, and I know some of you know what I mean. No one can ever match him. A day or two after he died, I was in Target, looking through clearance items, and found this little scottie statue. I busted out bawling in the middle of the aisle, of course. When I brought him home I realized, I had Sammy's baby collar and that it fit this little guy perfectly. So now he is the perfect reminder of my favorite dog in the world.

scottie dog statue.JPG

With these plants as decor, I wanted something to tie them together (besides them being plants). So lately, while on my thrifting adventures, I've been on the lookout for any glassware that has a bit of gold in it. Clear+gold or white+gold has been my preference. So far I've found saucers for three of my plants, the only one left out being a tall houseplant that is not pictured.


I have been obsessed with gold lately, seriously obsessed to the point where anytime I see something gold, I squeal a little and then buy it. It's bad. But I do not care.


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