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Metal Roofing

By HomeCentrl on Nov 17, 2011
When I have approached various people about their roofs and brought up metal roofing, the response has been varied. Some people love it and some don't. My overall feeling was that this was a personal choice based on their own aesthetics of how a roof should look. There were those that would listen to the benefits of metal roofing and some did change their minds and others that would have nothing to do with it no matter what was said. It can be used for new homes and additions as well as remodeling or renovations of existing roofs too.

Personally I have installed many metal roofs over the years and our personal homes have always had metal roofing not only in New England but in the Bahamas too. I can hear you already- metal roofing in the tropical sun?   You'd bake alive with that. However that is not true.

So let's look a bit more into the benefits and costs of a metal roof.

Metal vs Shingles

The initial cost of the materials-  Shingles are cheaper.
Labor savings for installation- Metal is faster
Energy savings- Metal because it reflects the sun. Shingles absorb that heat.


Long term savings- Metal- average life of 50 years Only certain shingles will go that long.

 Thus you actual save money over the life of the roof by not having to do replacement of shingles. This too can also be a great selling point for home owners and buyers alike.

Some misconceptions:
Metal roofs are noisy. False. Metal roofing applied over solid sheathing is not even as noisy as a standard shingle roof.
 Metal roofs make the house hot. False. If proper ventilation and insulation are used they work perfectly well. Our house in the Bahamas has a metal roof. solid insulation and is 2 stories. People have come upstairs many time and commented on how cool it actual was.

Some benefits:
In colder climates, metal roofs will carry more weight per square foot than a shingled roof and will allow the snow to slide off.
In Hurricane prone areas, a metal roof will withstand a greater amount of wind than a shingled roof. Our home just went through Hurricane Irene with gusts of around 140mph and didn't even show a sign it had been in a hurricane. Many of the shingled roofs on the island didn't fare as well.

Today there are also many styles to choice from with an assortment of colors to suit anyone's taste.


So there are many advantages to metal roofing and gone are that days where you could only buy the same metal roofing that you saw on country barns. Yet this is still a personal choice that you have to make weighing the costs, benefits and aesthetics that fit your home and your life.

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Side note- I have no affiliation with above site or any metal roofing companies and the content unless noted is solely mine.



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