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Home Generators

By HomeCentrl on Dec 19, 2011

Home Generators
Having power is no longer considered a luxury. We all rely on having a source of electricity for almost every aspect of our lives. We have refrigerators that store our food, heating and air conditioning that requires it to function, cells phones and computers, lighting and for the most part we don’t even give it a second thought. Excepting, of course, when the bill is due or it goes down due to storms, accidents and other things.
Yet when it does go out we have no choice but to wait for it to return and that is why having a back up generator is something that many should consider getting.
We have had generators for probably 25 years now and the size has changed over time but the usefulness hasn’t. Our first one was a small unit that was portable and would run the refrigerator and a few lights with an extension cord out the door. It was inconvenient but wonderful when the power went down. You had to set it up outside, unplug things and then run extension cords to the appliances that you wanted to run but it worked.


Over the years the models got larger and we were able to run more things at the same time but it was our most recent one that we decided we would never be without one again. It was fully automatic and was connected to the propane for the house.

You may want to look here for more information:
There are many other companies that also offer models in your area too.

When the power went off, it sent a signal to the generator and it automatically started itself and flipped the breakers to a separate panel. The lights would go off for a few seconds but then voila, they would all be running again. Not even an minor inconvenience. Now when the power return from the electric company the panel would re set the breaker box back to the standard panel and the generator would turn itself off.  Easy as it comes.


Now the system wasn’t really cheap but it came with the generator and the automatic switching relay panel and all I had to do was re wire the breakers. Note here:  I would strongly advise that you have a qualified electrician install your new sytem. It isn’t hard and I’ve done electrical work for years but is a bit more than an average DIY project.

So if you are thinking about getting a backup generator there are many choices from a small unit to ones that will do your entire but in any case they are well worth the investment. Once you've had one you'll find it hard to do without one ever again.



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