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How To: Clean Your Microwave in Under 5 Minutes

By Classy Clutter on Jun 13, 2013

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Cleaning a microwave is just plain annoying. I mean, let’s be honest: it’s way easier to just shut the door and pretend its not there. After all, no one can see inside! Don’t tell me I’m alone in this? ;) Well, cleaning your microwave after your husband reheats refried beans (for way too long!) is SUPER annoying. They splattered all over the place… Not cool. He was planning on cleaning it, but when I told him not too worry about it, he figured I was up to something.

Then, I busted out my secret weapon.


To clean your microwave:

Pour a glass of distilled white vinegar and place it in the dirty microwave for 2 minutes on high.

Once it’s done, let it sit in the microwave for about 5 minutes without opening the microwave door. The hot steamy vinegar basically dissolves all the yucky food and gunk in there.

Then, take a wash cloth or paper towel and wipe clean! No scrubbing required! If you find that you need to scrub, simply repeat the process. Keep in mind, there were over cooked (nasty!) refried beans splattered all over mine and it wiped clean easily after one vinegar treatment!

You can thank me later.

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Happy cleaning!



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