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Seduce the Perfect Home Buyer With Home Staging

By Tales of an Interior Stylist on Jun 16, 2013

A business associate and I were talking the other day about what nice clients she has. Most people would say it's luck that she has great clients; I disagree. Nice people attract nice people. It’s the law of attraction, which is the belief that “like attracts like.” Also, it’s my belief - you have to work at being nice. Nice people always offer up a smile, genuinely care about the person they are interacting with, are good listeners, compliment others and most importantly positive.

You too need to use the Law of Attraction to sell your home. As a home staging and styling professional, it’s my job to create a strong sense of attraction in a home going on the market. I strengthen the magnet by helping a homeowner maximize what is great about the home, offer cost effective changes to appeal to that ideal buyer, help them overcome the home’s challenges and style the property in a way that allows the target buyer to see themselves living there. I elevate the law of attraction and so can you.

Make a Great 1st Impression. Just like a smile, greet your buyers with a great first impression. Never wait to stage after your home is already on the market. Don’t let a sub-par online picture lessen your hard work, and remember, your exterior is as important as your interior.

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Care about What Your Buyer Needs. The best way to sell your home is to understand what your ideal buyer wants in a home. Homebuyers are looking to improve what they own now and no buyer today one wants to "envision the possibilities," they want to see the dream in real time. Offer them a home that gives them their dream.

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Complement What is Great. Your neighborhood, price point and style of your home dictates the driving force of why the potential buyer would like to visit. Every home has fabulous things about it - beautiful custom closets, a stunning backyard, a killer kitchen. Maximize the positives of your home. A custom closet should look like a magazine advertisement for a custom closet company, a stunning backyard is cut, mulched, mended and accessorized, a killer kitchen is perfect down to the perfectly organized pantry.

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Refresh, Repair and Renew. Lived-in homes are not always updated to the taste of the buyer. Super clean and de-cluttered are synonymous with selling a home. A survey conducted by HomeGain states a s eller gets a 403% return on investment by cleaning. From curbside to back fence a home has to be tidy. Fix, repair and update your home to make it turn-key for your new buyer. By listening to statistics, making wise, cost effective changes (keep in mind that your price point dictates the extent of the changes,) you’ll be enhancing the attraction.

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Create a Positive Home. Finally, it’s the little things that make people fall in love with a home - a cozy master bedroom, plenty of storage space to grow and that perfect view out the kitchen sink window, that tip a buyer over the edge to buy. If you create a great 1st impression, play up the positives, embrace what the ideal buyer is looking for, and spend the time and effort to prepare a home, you will attract the perfect buyer. Nice people buy nice homes.

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