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How To: Make a Lamp with a Liquor Bottle

By Designs by Studio C on Jun 07, 2012

A few posts back, I shared instructions on how to make a lamp from a wine bottle… This lamp is much cooler and is the ultimate accessory for the man cave! A diamond tip drill bit is used to cut a hole in the back of the bottle… These bits can be pricey but they are way worth the expense if you are going to cut holes in a lot of glass or tile!


  • Empty liquor bottle
  • Lamp-from-a-bottle kit (which is actually cheaper than buying the parts individually!)
  • Diamond Tip drill bit (mine is 5/8″ diameter)
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

Let’s get started!

How you obtain your liquor bottle is up to you… I’m not going to give advice on that!! Wash it out and allow it to dry.

Using the diamond bit and a drill, cut a hole in the back of the bottle. Make sure to have water running over the bit and the bottle – not only does this keep everything cool but it will prolong the life of the bit.


Use a 1/2″ drill bit to cut a hole in the cap. I found it easier to drill the hole from the inside with a piece of scrap wood under the cap and using the cap means less parts!


Here are a few of the lamp parts I used…

Using the threaded rod, I put a nut and washer on one end, threaded it through the hole in the cap from the inside, then used another washer and nut on the top.


Screw the cap part of the socket onto the end of the rod and set it aside for the time being.

I threaded the cord through the hole in the back through the top then thread the cord through the rod assembly. Screw the cap in place.


Tie a UL knot in the cord according to the socket instructions.

Secure the wire to the terminals – the ribbed wire is secured to the silver terminal and the smooth wire is secured to the brass terminal, then snap the socket into place.

Add a shade and a bulb, and light up the man cave!


Here are a few more I’ve made with other bottles…

The blue bottle is actually bent like that!

Until next time,

Happy Creating!







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