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How To: Paint Over Stripes

By Classy Clutter on Aug 27, 2013

Today you’re gonna learn how to paint over stripes the right way! YAY! If you simply get out your roller and paint over them, you’re gonna be sorry because you’re still going to be able to see them even if you have great paint coverage! Why? Because when you taped them off and painted them, you created a teeny tiny ledge of paint that when painted over, will stick out like a sore thumb. Believe me.

Mint Hallway

What you’ll want to do is take a sheet of sandpaper or a sanding block and sand down that little ledge so the wall is smooth underneath. If you have textured walls (I don’t in this house) you will sand lightly to remove the ledge but keep most of the texture intact so you don’t have to retexture the wall. Get it?

sand stripes

Then, when your wall is perfectly smooth, you’ll wipe down the wall to remove any sanding debris and once it dries. THEN you can take your roller and paint as usual! Easy right?

sanded stripes

Don’t skip the sanding, you’ll be sorry. It should look like this ^ when you’re done!

This is how I went from my striped wall (which I still love; I was ready for a change.)...

...To this fresh, minty goodness! Tada!

Mint Hallway 2

What do you think about my new minty hallway!? I used Savannah’s perfect mint color but a little lighter. (Somewhere in between Behr’s Tropical Dream and Canton Jade – find it at The Home Depot), it’s the perfect mint tone. That Savannah sure knows her stuff.

Mint Hall with Gold Mirror

This mirror is an extension of my Gallery Wall that I can’t wait to show you! Eek!! Don’t mint and gold just look like they were meant to be!? I can’t WAIT to show you my next mint and gold project! If you follow me on instagram, you already got a sneak peek! Follow us on instagram! (@classyclutter)

how to paint over stripes the right way.jpg

What do you think friends? Are you loving mint right now?



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