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How To: Plant... Planters!

By Joy2Journey on Apr 30, 2012

I was fortunate, a few years ago, to attend "The Renegade Gardener" seminar on "how to plant your planters." Don Engebretson is amazing to listen to, and of course he really knows his stuff! So here is the short of what I learned...


Pick the pot or planter that you want to use. (I have this one and two more.) During the winter months, your planters should be empty and free of debris so that the pots do not crack due to moisture.


Use FRESH potting soil. Do not use soil left over from a plant that has died. I had some left over from last year and purchased two of this size bag. They were $10.00 each on sale at Walmart. I also chose the plants that I wanted in each pot.


Next, I cover the hole in the bottom with an opened and flattened coffee filter. Put in your dry potting soil, fill the planter to three-quarters full, then add water. I fill one pot up to the top and let it soak in, while going around to the other planters and doing the same thing. By the time I am finished, I am ready to add a bit more water in the first before starting to put in my plants.


Don is anti "spikes" as the center plant. I agree with him. He and I both like grasses and the movement they give to an arrangement. So my first plant in is the grass ('Morning Light' Maiden grass). I follow that up with the three other plants that I have chosen. The deep, dark red plant with broad leaves (Coral Bells/ need part sun), medium white flowers with purple middles (Plum Pudding Alumroot/ shade), and a ground cover that will have small delicate purple flowers (Bowles Vinca/ part sun). I have these pots on the Northwest side of my home, so they will only get partial sun.


I fill in around the plants with potting soil and water them well. (Now you only have to water the top quarter of the potting soil and plants, as you already soaked the other three-quarters of soil beforehand! Smart trick, right?!) After it is all done I add mulch to keep the soil from drying out too quickly, plus it keeps the weeds out. OK, it looks prettier too! I also added this cute copper sun to give the planter a bit of "bling."


These are the other two planters that I have. The one closest in the picture is my middle planter, and I put a different grass in this one. Just mixing it up a bit :)

Don't you just love spring, knowing that summer is just around the corner?!



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